Are the raspberries ready?!

Hurry up and wait..

The raspberry field is almostready! However, there are not quite enough ripe berries waiting to be picked just yet. We're postponing our opening weekend to the 23rd of June. If you'd like to come middle of next week by appointment we can set that up too. Send us an email to set up an appointment beginning June 20th. 

-Picking by Appointment-

If you'd like to come during the week no problem! We will be taking picking reservations for these dates. Monday-Friday. 
June 20 - July 13. You can make that appointment here.

* To best serve you, please do not show up without a confirmed appointment! *

Picking Dates-5.png
Picking Dates-3.png

This year, like last we will also be offering pre-picked FROZENraspberries by the pound. Pre-picked frozen raspberries are $9.60 per pound. If you already know this is something you'd like, click hereto send us your order! 

WHY frozen raspberries? 


  • Optimum nutrition and berry quality! Aside from eating a raspberry as soon as you pick it this is the next best thing. As soon as we pick the berries we freeze them on trays then bag them up. This avoids soggy berries and they're ready for you however you choose to use them! Unlike other fruits, berries do not continue to ripen after they are picked. 
  • Convenience! Frozen berries were a big hit last year as not everyone is able to come out and pick or live far away but still want locally farmed organic raspberries. We do all the picking, freezing and packaging and you simply pick up!
  • Quantity!If you are looking for a large quantity of berries (several gallons) this is the best way to do it. We pick the field clean every two days to keep up with ripening berries. This allows us to take multiple pickings and combine them without sacrificing berry quality. 

Please Note:

  • Cash & local checks only
  • No public restrooms available.
  • Dress for summer sunshine and ankle high grass.
  • Your picked berries will wilt quickly in the summer heat, please make arrangements to chill your berries as soon as possible for the longest shelf life. (if you don't eat them all before you get home!)
  • Bring your kids! This is a working farm, so keep them safe by keeping them with you.
  • We have containers for picking, but you'll need something to take your berries home in.
  • Please do not bring your pets with you to the farm.
  • All of our berries are organically grown!
  •  You pick Raspberries are $8.60 per pound.

Did you know.....that raspberries can be used medicinally? 

Red raspberry leaf tea is used by women for many reproductive health benefits. PLUS raspberries contain ellagic acidwhich is a known cancer fighter! AND they contain one of the highest levels of antioxidants of any fruit. All of this and SO much more packed into a tiny delicate berry. It's this that makes all of the tedious care that raspberries take worth it!  What is your favorite thing about raspberries? 

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