Robert Taylor Gouge (I) and Emma Smith Greer Gouge were married and bought this farm in 1956. Robert was originally from over the Roan in Bakersville, North Carolina, and Emma was born and raised just over our back ridge on Heaton Creek. Though that generation has moved to Heaven, their laughter, beautifully simple ways, partnership with the land live on at the farm. Robert Taylor (II) was born and raised on the farm; tending to it's production and upkeep primarily with hand-tools and a strong back. Growing up his kids traditionally enjoyed exploring and amazing food on our bi-monthly trips from the city to visit Granny. These visits to the cool, sweet and old Hemlock forests and boisterous dinner table were the first kindlings in a suburban boy of a passion for the land, a fuller simpler life and the particular Roan Highlands flavor of rural Appalachia. In 2013 Ethan Gouge traded his career as a U. S. Marine officer for a chance to put this now flaming passion into practice restoring the overgrown farm. Ethan married Katie in October of 2014 and the  are working hard to bring the farm back to life. Their son Titus joined them in the fall of 2015, and daughter Emmaline in 2018 and both already love being outside and watching the progress.